Why Data Is Not Knowledge: The Path to Prescriptive Analytics with RateLinx's Andrew Hooser - Digital Transformers

Episode 12

Published on:

27th Sep 2021

Why Data Is Not Knowledge: The Path to Prescriptive Analytics with RateLinx's Andrew Hooser

The bad news: data and systems, no matter how expensive, don't solve problems. The good news: tying together the data from the systems gives you a shot. It takes the right approach and a careful consideration of your company's specific needs and goals. That's where RateLinx comes in. In this episode, Vice President of Strategic Customers Andrew Hooser joins us to detail his own professional trajectory, how RateLinx helps companies unite their data and take action - and why prescriptive analytics are the way of the future. From vendor to shipper to techie, Andrew has seen (and done) it all when it comes to modern logistics, so don't miss his expert take on supply challenges past, present and future.

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