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16th Feb 2022

Reimagine, Reassess, Reinvigorate: Becoming The First Black Female Combat Pilot

Some barriers are harder to break than others – at least until the right person comes along. Vernice “Flygirl” had to fight to get into the Marine Corps, but once she got in, she was determined to rise to the top and seize every opportunity.

Vernice is a retired United States Marine Corps Officer and holds the distinction of being the first black female combat pilot in the U.S. military. She is also a bestselling author, an in-demand keynote speaker, a successful coach and entrepreneur, and served two tours of duty in Iraq.

Veteran Voices co-hosts Scott Luton and Kevin L. Jackson, host of Digital Transformers, were thrilled to have the opportunity to interview Vernice about:

• Overcoming the fear of following your passion through conventional thinking and artificial barriers

• Why providing people with access to information and exposure to ideas can be a solution and a “gutsy move”

• Her key for successful networking – which involved asking people how she could be of service instead of asking what they did for a living

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